Weighing Scales

Digital Weighing Scales

AT Weighing Solutions & Instrumentation, we manufacture high quality, reliable and very cost effective yet highly technological weighing scales for retail and industrial applications. Ranging from 0.01g to 2,00,000kg, we have complete range of all types of weighing scales and systems for retail and industrial applications. Based in New Delhi, India, all our models are Approved by Government of India and we are registered manufacturer of digital weighing system from Delhi govt, legal metrology, Dept of Weights and Measures.

We are in the manufacturing business for last 10 years and have served many big companies and business houses. We have our own R&D section where we continuously strive to implement new ideas and develop and upgrade our products to give best of the performance and service to our existing and future clients. Many of our products are new in the market which are not available with any other manufacturer in this trade. Like Bluetooth weighing, wireless weighing, bluetooth remote control for litre conversion etc.

Jewellery / Analytical / Laboratory Scales

Table Top Scales

Price Computing Scales

Piece Counting Scales

Bench / Chicken Scales

Platform Scales

Heavy Duty Platform Scales

Bluetooth Enabled Weighing Scales

Wireless Weighing Scales

Pit Mounted Weighbridge

Pit Less Type Weighbridge

On Board Truck Weighing System

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