Weighing Systems With Data Logger

Weighing Systems With Data Logger

We have complete range of Weighing Systems with data logger and also digital weight indicators with built in Data logging into USB Pen drive or Micro SD card. In process weighing, you can expect the manual logging of weight data. Here, our weighing systems with data logger facility come to the rescue. Our weighing systems are equipped with smart data logging technology which can weigh the product and can save the data with other details such as date, time or number of pieces etc onto a pen drive or a memory card.

The data logging can be programmed to log the weight data in some particular condition or time.  The automatic logging logs the weight data as soon as the weight stabilizes on the platform. It can be customized to log or accumulate the logged data and show number of cycles and total accumulated weight simultaneously.

USB Logging

High speed to very high speed data acquisition from load cell is also available with 5Khz frequency of data capturing. The data can be sent directly to the computer or can be stored within the system and can be transferred later to the computer for analysis. Raw data from load cell can also be sent to the computer for further processing and analysis to be done by the computer software.

Bluetooth based data logging is also available. The smartphone is connected with the weighing device through Bluetooth and the App on the smartphone receives the data from the weighing scales and keep on logging as per schedule or conditions set by the user.

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