Bluetooth Weight Indicator

Bluetooth Weight Indicator

Model: Blue-BPMI

Digital weight indicator

At WSI, we manufacture Bluetooth weight indicator which are digital weight indicator with Bluetooth connectivity. This Bluetooth weight indicator can be paired with smartphone via bluetooth and the smartphone app can be used to program the indicator or to see the weight information from the indicator on smartphone screen via bluetooth.

These indicators can be used in various applications like Peak hold, Tank weighing, hopper weighing, Silo weighing, check weighing with tower lights, PLC connectivity etc. The Bluetooth can be used to enable or disable or release the peak hold function and value through smartphone. In tank, hopper and silo weighing applications, the user can see the weight of the tank in the smartphone app and can trigger fill or discharge from the smartphone app itself. The setting of automatic fill and discharge can also be programmed into the indicator through smartphone app via bluetooth. In check weighing applications, the user can change the settings of the check weighing system from smartphone via bluetooth like lower and upper limit of weight. Indicators with set points are also bluetooth enabled are the set point values can be fed and changed through smartphone.

This feature becomes very handy when the indicator is installed at such a place where it is difficult to reach the indicator for programming and changing the program frequently is difficult.

Technical Specification:

Type: Bluetooth weighing indicator

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Controlling device: Smartphone app via Bluetooth

Bluetooth Class: II

Range: 30Feet

Compatibility: all type of Android smartphones with bluetooth feature

App: Download from Google Play store ( Customised app can also be made as per user requirement)

Indicator power source: 220VAC/50Hz

Mounting: Panel mounted

Front Panel Indicator: Paired and Waiting for connection.


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