Operator less Weighbridge

Operator less Weighbridge

WSI’s “Sure-Weigh-Lens”


Operator less Weighbridge software “Sure-Weigh-Lens” is result of repeated requests from our weighbridge users as well as other weighbridge owners and users who required a system where the weighing process on the weighbridge could be monitored by a system which can ensure the reliability of the weighment.

The weighing process of the truck on a weighbridge is very much prone to malpractices and operators and drivers indulge  in theft of the material. This is mainly done by not positioning the truck properly on the weighbridge. When the vehicle is not parked properly on the bridge, the accuracy will be compromised and hence the drivers and weighbridge operators take advantage of this. Now the consignor and consignee suffers from all this practise.

The demand was of a system which can monitor the position of the truck on the weighbridge, minimize or eliminate the operator interference with the data entry and other processes while weighing and also to have CCTV Cameras around weighbridge which can take pictures while the truck in being weighed.

By keeping all these requirements in mind, we designed and developed a system which can fulfill all these requirement hence giving complete peace of mind and accurate weight from the weighbridge.

The key components of the system are:

  1. 3 or Five Position sensors= These sensors are placed around the weighbridge to monitor the position of the truck accurately on the weighbridge. Three sensors are placed along the length of the bridge. One in start, one in middle and one in the end. Optionally, two sensors can also be placed across the width of the platform.
  2. RFID readers: For Private weighbridges,where only company owned regular vehicles are to be weighed, a RFID card can be issued to the vehicle and all the details of the vehicle will be stored into the system along with RFID details.
  3. CCTV Cameras: 3 CCTV cameras are placed to take the pictures of the front, top and end of the vehicle on the platform.

We designed two versions of this system, one is completely operator free and other is handled by the operator but without any data entry.

Completely operator free System:

In this system, a touch screen computer is placed in a kiosk and it works like any other computer and runs the software. The RFID reader is also connected to the system and works like ATMs. When the Driver comes withe the truck for weighing, the truck is parked on the bridge and drives walks to the kiosk and start the process by pressing start button on the screen. The system checks the position of the truck before starting any process and proceeds further only if the vehicle position is fine. Now the driver shows the Vehicle RFID tag to the system and system reads the vehicle data. Now material tag and then supplier tag are shown and the data is read by the system. Now while reading the weight from the indicator, the system again check for the position of the vehicle on the bridge and then reads the weight from the indicator and also takes pictures from CCTV cameras attached with the system. The slip is generated and the driver moves the truck and process is complete. Same process is repeated when the vehicle comes for second weighing. The slip is also sent via email to pre fed email addresses along with the pictures and other slip details.

We are working on a system which will have cloud storage and owners can access the data from anywhere in the world and can also generate reports as per requirement. A mobile app for similar application is also being developed.

Partially Operator Free System: In this system, the components of the system remains same but this is run on a simple PC and thus the operator operates the mouse to click on appropriate places and generate the weigh slip. All major settings are protected by the passwords.

  • The software can be modified as per your requirement.