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We have complete range of high precision jewellery scales for use in jewellery shops & Laboratories. We have imported, Branded and our own manufactured scales for every purpose. Ranging from 0.01mg to any capacity requirement in high accuracy weighment, we have product to satisfy your weighing needs. Sartorius, Mettler Toledo, CAS, Shinko Denshi etc scales are also available. These scales are made with top quality raw material and softwares as these scales are used in applications where very high precision and accuracy is required. So, to give best to our customers, we have specialized softwares and hardware for these scales which can give peace of mind and highest level of accuracy to our clients along with long service life and fewer breakdowns.

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Model: XD


Capacity       Accuracy     Pan Size

     300g            5mg           120mm Dia

     600g          10mg           120mm Dia

       1kg            10mg            150mm Dia

       2kg           10mg            150mm Dia

      3kg           10mg            150mm Dia

     10kg           100mg

    20kg           200mg

    30kg           500mg

Technical Specifications:

  • Cabinet: Beautiful die moulded ABS Cabinet
  • Display: Digital Seven Segment red / Green LED / LCD Backlit
  • Over load Protection provided
  • Load cell Based
  • 24 bit Sigma Delta ADC
  • Microcontroller Based
  • Optional: Inbuilt rechargeable battery backup
  • Optional: Second Display
  • Optional: Serial Port
  • Optional: Wireless Second Display
  • 220V AC/ 50 Hz supply
  • Price computing function
  • Tola / Carat Functions
  • Counting Function
  • 100% Subtractive tare

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