Button Load cell


Button Load Cell

Model: BBL


At WSI, we make Button load cells model no BTL. It is a Miniature load cell for off center loading, press or in-line compression applications. WSI, based in Delhi, India is a renowned name in field of Load cells and digital Weighing System. WSI is one of the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporters of Digital Weighing System and Load cell in India.

Although Button load cells are traditionally not known for their high accuracy. But at WSI, Our BEST Button load cells have dispelled this concept by continuously improving the accuracy of this product.

The miniature Button load cell offer high accuracy . It has non linearity of +/- 1%.

The standard BTL-09 Button Load Cell can be modified or customized to meet any requirement and uses metal foil strain gauge technology.

Product Highlights:

  • Low Deflection
  • Stainless steel/ Die Steel Construction
  • Compression  type
  • Metal foil strain gauge technology.


Standard Capacity (kg)                                      1,2,3,5,10,15,20,30,50,100,200,300,500.

Rated Output                                                      2mV/V

Safe Overload                                                      150% of Rated Cap.

Zero Balance                                                        -3% of RO

Excitation                                                             5 to 15 VDC

Non Linearity                                                      -0.5% of RO

Non Repeatability                                              -0.1% of RO

Hysteresis                                                            -0.5% of RO

Temperature effect on Zero                             -0.01% of RO/°C

Temperature effect of span                              -0.02% of load/°C

Compensated Temperature Range                 25 to 50 °C

Operating Temperature                                    15 to 50 °C

Output Resistance                                              350 Ω (+/- 10 Ω)

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