Load Cells

Load Cells

Load cells

A load cell is a transducer that is used to create an electrical signal whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured. Through a mechanical construction, the force being sensed deforms a strain gauge. The strain gauge measures the deformation (strain) as a change in electrical resistance, which is a measure of the strain and hence the applied forces. A load cell usually consists of four strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. Load cells of one strain gauge (quarter bridge) or two strain gauges (half bridge) are also available. The electrical signal output is typically in the order of a few millivolts and requires amplification by an instrumentation amplifier before it can be used. The output of the transducer can be scaled to calculate the force applied to the transducer.

At WSI, we manufacture all types of load cells under BEST Brand and can design and deliver as per your requirement and design. Our state of the art load cells are manufactured by using latest technology like CNC wire cut machines. Very high quality of raw materials are used to ensure the long and trouble free and very high accuracy response to the user under very hostile conditions. Electroless plating is done to prevent the load cells from getting rusted. All types of load cells are being manufactured under BEST brand. Any type of custom design or custom made load cell can also be made as per customer requirement and application.

S Type

Button Type

Compression Tension Type

Compression Type

High Accuracy Compression

Fluid Damped

Clevis Pin Type

Web Tension

Washer Type

Submersible Load Cell

Multi Axial (Up to 6 Axials)

Rotary Torque Sensor

Socket Wrench Type Torque Sensor

Concrete Pull Off Tester

Cutting Force Dynamometer

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