Piece Counting Scales

Piece Counting Scales

Model – XD

We have complete range of three Window piece counting scales to cater any type of retail or industrial requirement of piece counting requirement along with high accuracy and portability requirements.

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Model : XD

Piece counting scales

Capacity             Accuracy               Pan Size

        3 kg                      0.2 g                    250x295mm

        6 kg                      0.5 g                    250x295mm

        15 kg                      1 g                     250x295mm

        30 kg                      2 g                    250x295mm

Technical Specifications:

  • Cabinet: Die Molded ABS cabinets Available
  • Kg, Unit weight, and Number of Pieces displayed.
  • 10 direct and 99 indirect memories
  • Load cell: Very high precision load cell
  • Protection:Over load protection mechanism
  • Display: Seven Segment Red LED Display.
  • Connectivity (Optional): RS 232 Serial port / Printer
  • Power Source: Inbuilt Rechargeable battery backup / 220V AC/50Hz
  • 24 Bit Sigma Delta ADC
  • Micro controller Based
  • Auto stand by mode to save battery power.
  • Piece Counting function.

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