Multi Axial Load Cells


BMX-2X (Double Axial)

BMX-3X (Tri Axials)

BMX-6X (Six Axial)

Multi Axial Load cell

Measure Both Force And Torque

High Accuracy in all bridges

Very Low Crosstalk

Low Creep

Our BMX Series Multi Axial load Cells are high quality load cells to provide low profile solution for high capacity. Constructed of high grade SS and is fully potted with special chemical compounds to IP67 providing excellent protection against moisture and humidity.


– Ideal suited for multi axial measurement, actuator, wind tunnel testing, tool testing

– Simple in Design, Meeting IP-67 Standards

– Special Screened / FRLS Cable used

– Easy to install and simple electrical connections

– Modular Design for easy maintenance

– Resistant against vibration

Multi Axial Load cell tech specs

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