Fluid Damped Load Cell

Fluid Damped Load Cell

Model : SPFD-02

Fluid Damped Load Cell


WSI manufacture Fluid Damped Load Cells under “BEST” brand and model no SPFD-02. It is specially designed to be used where fast acquisition of stable load signal is required. When the load cell is subjected to sudden loads, the output signal of the load cell fluctuate and takes time to stabilize. Our Fluid Damped Load Cell gives the stable load signal within 200ms of the application of the load.  SPFD-02’s unique fluid damping system allows the load cell to be used in applications that previously required the use of LVDT’s or similar type of measure devices.

The SPFD-02 brings load cell adaptability into high speed check weighing and grading applications. Sealed to IP66 standards and available in coated steel or stainless steel, it is suitable for most wash-down applications.


Multi Head Filling Machines

Check weighing

Grading Machines

Liquid Filling

Dynamic Weighing


Capacity: 2-50kg

Painted Steel Construction

IP66 Protection

Available with Metric and UNC threads


Stainless steel construction

Digital version

Technical Specifications:

Rated Output: 2mv/V

Rated output Tolerance: 0.2mv/V

Zero Balance: 0.1mv/V

Zero Return (30 min): 0.030 % +/- of applied load

Total Error: 0.030 % +/- of applied load

Temperature Effect of Zero: 0.0025 % +/- of Rated Output / Degree Celsius

Temp effect on output, unbalanced: 0.00810 +/- % of Load / Degree Celsius

Temperature Range compensated: -10 to +40 Degree Celsius

Temperature Range Safe: -20 to +70 Degree Celsius

Maximum Safe Central Load: 150% of Rated Capacity

Ultimate central overload: 200% of Rated Capacity

Excitation: 15VDC Max

Insulation Resistance:>1000 Mega Ohms

Cable Length: 15 Meter

Cable Type: 4 Core shield type

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