On Board Weighing

On Board Weighing


on board weighing

With on On Board Weighing system, one can read the weight in the goods cabin of the truck even when the truck is miles away. This is latest innovation in weighing technology and at WSI, we take pride in introducing on board weighing for commercial vehicles.

Normally, if the one want to know the net weight loaded in the goods cabin of the truck, one has to first take the Gross weight of the truck at the nearest public weighbridge, then empty the truck and then again take the tare weight of the truck at the weighbridge and after subtracting tare weight from the gross weight, the net weight is achieved. The accuracy and calibration of the public weighbridge always remains doubtful. Here many factors play a vital role which affect the accuracy of the reading achieved after this whole exercise. Firstly, the fuel in the vehicle is very huge factor in this. If the gross weight is taken at the starting point and the truck is off loaded at customers place miles away and the tare weight is taken, then the fuel in fuel tank is almost empty or at very low level as compared to the level at starting point. So, this difference in fuel level is also included in the net weight. Similarly, the stepney removed or not, the gross weight was with the driver sitting in the truck and possibility of any other type of malpractice is always there.

Now, if a truck is going from point A to point C and the carrying capacity of the truck if 10000kg. The struck starts from point A with only 6000 kgs of load and 4000 kgs of load can still be loaded into the truck. Then the Owner can book any load in this range from any place between point A to C. He can continuously monitor the weight the truck is carrying at that point of time. So, this way the capacity of the truck can be utilised more efficiently.

The theft of material by driver and other offences of the drivers like over speeding, taking long and wrong route, going to unspecified places, abandoning the vehicle, vehicle theft can also be monitored by this system as this system provides  real time data of speed and location of the truck by GPS.

This system can be installed into any existing truck or new truck being made ready. The load cells are placed under the goods cabin and the electronics system is given power from the truck’s battery. The indicator can be provided in the driver cabin or can be kept completely hidden to not let driver know about the system being present in the truck. A SIM card is inserted into the weighing system and now the owner can access the system by the calling number of the SIM inserted. SMS based data retrieval is also possible where the owner can send SMS to the number to read the weight and the system will send SMS back with the details required like weight or location etc.

On board weighing systems are also used in wide variety of material handling applications where material is loaded into trucks. Designed to offer weight control during loading in order to  prevent over loading and receive basing loading information. It is ideal working tool for material depots, construction and logistic companies

Despite its simplicity, our on board weighing system can be incorporated with the option of inbuilt data logger which can save crucial information in its memory which can be downloaded and analysed using the software in any PC.

The system is very rugged and designed to give best services even in the most hostile operating conditions under the goods cabin of the truck. The overload and shock bearing capacity of the load cells is very high thus the load cells will not be affected with the normal day to day running of the trucks even in the most uneven terrains. The shear load cells are designed for performance, reliability and long life. Constructed specially for on board weighing systems, the heavy duty load cells utilizes temperature compensated full bridge construction that is specifically designed for on-board scales. All of our load cells are IP67 sealed and protected for harsh applications.


  • Haul maximum legal loads every time.
  • Eliminate overweight fines and impoundments.
  • Reduce truck abuse and decrease maintenance costs.
  • Eliminate the expense to be paid to weighbridges.
  • Keep vigil on the driver.
  • Security to the material and vehicle.

Technical Specification:

Type: On Board weighing

Number of Load cells: 4,6,8 depending on the length of goods cabin of the truck

Capacity: As per the loading capacity of the truck.

Power: Trucks battery or inbuilt rechargeable battery which will get charged with the truck’s battery.

Display: LCD display in driver’s cabin.

Information available: Weight, speed and location of the truck

Optional: Inbuilt Data logger.

GPS: Inbuilt GPS antenna

Communication: SIM based (2g / 3g)




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