Wheel Torque Sensor

Wheel Torque Sensor

Wheel torque sensorWheel torque sensor is designed to mount directly into the wheel assembly in place of the wheel and then the wheel is mounted over this assembly. So, because of this, the wheel of the automobile moves outward for about 11-12 inches.

A rotary transformer assembly or slip ring is provided to connect the wheel torque sensor and  the digital instrumentation in the vehicle.

Two sets of bolt holes can be supplied with most sensors to enable fitment of two different bolt circle diameters each with same number of holes. Normally, the sensor is furnished with one adaptor plate for one given stud pattern.

If the requirement of the system is to have the wheel at its original position to maintain original tire track, that can also be met by designing the sensor accordingly as per user requirements.

A DC Tachometer or 60 tooth gear and magnetic pickup generator can also be supplied  which provides a signal proportional to wheel speed.


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