RFID Weighing Scales

RFID Weighing Scales

Our complete range of weighing systems can be hooked up with the facility of RFID reader. The RFID Weighing scales is a scale with RFID reader and data logger inbuilt into the system. When a commodity is placed RFID weighing scales and a RFID card is brought near the reader, the system stores the RFID card information along with weight data onto the connected pen drive or Micro SD card. This pen drive or Micro SD card can be removed and connected to any device and the data can be transferred to the computer system.


TT RFID USBThe system is equipped with a RFID card reader and the data logger to USB Pen Drive or the system can directly be connected to the Computer system for sending the data to computer.

When the weight is kept on the system and RFID card is brought near the Reader area, the reader reads  the card data and sends the current weight and RFID data to the Pen Drive for logging or Computer system.

The system can also be made bluetooth enabled where the RFID and weight data is sent to the Smartphone over bluetooth connection and the data is stored, logged or processed by the smartphone app and the possibilities are endless.

The weighbridge indicators also comes with RFID readers. These are particularly useful in operator less weighbridges. Here, the information of the vehicle along with the driver and commodity is stored in the RFID card. When the truck comes on the weighbridge, the drives goes to the terminal and flashes the card near RFID reader and the system stores the information of RFID Card, weight, date time and even the picture of the truck on weighbridge if required. 

The data of RFID card and weight can be transmitted to a remote location through wireless or SMS.



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