S type Load Cell

S type Load Cell

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We manufacture complete range of S Type Load Cell or S Beam Load Cell ranging from 500g to 20t.

S type load cell is used where tension or compression loads are to be monitored. Typically mounted within the ends of a rod, are used for general force measurement applications.

Regular “S” design and our new innovative design which can never be overloaded in compression or tension application is also available ex stock.


s type wirecut


S-Type Load Cell

S type load cell 1

S type load cell 2



S type load cell dimensions

Technical Specifications are given below:

Capacities Available:

Grams: 500

Kg: 2,5,10,20,50,100,200,300,500,750

Tonnes: 1,1.5,2,3,5,10,15,20

Rated Output                                           mv/v                                    2

Calibration in                                          mv/v /%RO                         <+/- 0.05

Combined Error                                      % RO                                    <+/- 0.04

Creep (30Mins)                                      % RO                                    <+/- 0.06

Temperature effect on Sensitivity %/Degree Celsius              <+/- 0.02

Excitation Voltage                                   V DC/AC                              5-15

Zero Balance                                             % RO                                    <+/- 1.0

Insulation Resistance                             M Ohm                                 > 2000

Compensated Temp Range                  Degree Celsius                     15-45

Operating Temperature Range          Degree Celsius                     0-50

Safe load (Standard Type)                   % Rated Capacity                150%

Safe load (Wire Cut Design)               % Rated Capacity               >1000%

Material of construction                                                                        Alloy Steel/ SS

Environment Protection                                                                        IP64/IP67





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